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i pretty much break even with my blessings & curses

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i dunno wtf a iMac is but i just acquired one :D
theres absolutely no friggin point to a laptop if it dont fit in my hand

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switching from PC to phone is like manual to an automatic

Friday, December 2, 2011

the reorganize-a-thon has now cone to an end & i now know where everything i own is
ima be drinkin lemonade for a while still & it is what it is but i mite as well spike it this time around

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

STFU ur damn rugrats u make target SUCK
FW: I have to pee if youd like to come watch
just wanna senda s/o to my new homies abilify & seroquel... ty for coming into my life

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pride is the mask of ones own faults
never be too proud to ask for help.
and in the end... you still only have yourself... so be your best otherwise youre only cheating yourself out of happiness
be careful who you trust, its a small world & GOOD PEOPLE STICK TOGETHER just like MISERY LOVES COMPANY

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sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you dont

Saturday, June 11, 2011

sometimes... i think... its better never than late...

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I am the cause of my problems. I hate myself.
when thrown into the deep end all you can do is learn to swim.. again.. or drown... and im drowning.

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Super fun day!!! Thanks friends and family! !

Friday, April 8, 2011

You know its bad when the majority of your communication is through WORDS WITH FRIENDS

Thursday, April 7, 2011

There is no "I" or "YOU" in TEAM but there is a "WE" if you are willing to see it...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I forget how much graveyard shift can suck the life outta me.

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if anyone's looking for a 2 bedroom in sac lemme know- id love to have cool neighbors instead of strangers :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Selling a 16v 2.0 GLI for CHEAP if anyone's interested
Absolutely zero caffeine today- been awake 12 hours & my HEAD IS FCKN KILLING ME
the asshole annoying inconsiderate next door neighbors just asked if they can 'borrow out electric' for a few days til they pay their bill

Thursday, March 10, 2011

its a whole new world without massive amounts of coffee in the morning

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

passed the background check- piss & strength next & ill be good to go makin $

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"The winds are howling tonight. The gods are hungry. The beast is alive. And awake. And deadly."
i effin love bbq'n

Monday, March 7, 2011

you can take the chick outta the lake but ya can't take the lake outta the chick
nice lawn mowing day

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sometimes i am so disappointed in how dishonest human beings can be ftw

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Life is better than I can remember it ever being.

Friday, February 25, 2011

fu!!! im so sick of metropcs trying to dick around my settings!!! i own you!

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wow think there musta been an OD across the street.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ftw i found the bolts to my bed! no more mattress on floor!!
is this another holiday or do these degenerate rugrats just not go to school????

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i can't believe dominos delivers so damn late

Friday, February 11, 2011

when the heck did I start growing white hairs on my nose???

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sac pd & sheriffs on the street lol something going down lol
i can't think of one thing i actually 'rewind' anymore!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

live the life you love and love the life you live

live the life you love and love the life you live, give back more than you take because that's what matters in the end
be a best friend the best sister or brother, be the best lover and always love your mother
take care of your father and protect our daughters- sacrifice yourself and live with honor
die with dignity and live for eternity in the hearts and minds of those you loved selflessly
we practice what we preach and along the way we try to teach feelings and emotions unobtainable through speech
the meaning of life get complicated when your suffering seems like it'll never end
choices we make and how we live our life determines the degree of our sorrow and our strife
birth and death is inevitable but its up to you to make what happens in between incredible
got to live and love like its your last day- got to accept the past and understand it
we'll never get back the moments that's passed so all we can do is look back and laugh
never forget that yesterday is gone but tomorrows a fresh start and you can be reborn
our hearts are repairable but easily torn so stop and smell the roses but be careful of the thorns

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

we think we want to buy a wii
Its fun watchin the tweekers play wii thru their window lmfao [better than cable]

Monday, January 31, 2011

wow. interestiing how sf giants tix quadrupled in price omfg
im so glad we moved. everyday were so much happier
we're next. plan ahead. wwjd? save yourself. war is our destiny!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

sux when my phone internet is faster than my pc :/
these lowlifes watch wheel of fortune hella loud
these lowlifes watch wheel lf fortune hella loud

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

wow. kicking it on the porch watching domestic violence is WAY better than tv lol

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

cobb salad & lame movies- 'the job' & 'piranha' :/
fml the usps put my change of address thru 6 days early
GOT THE KEYS just need to physically move now :D
i don't know where or how she learned to play soccer but she's great for a 2 year old!
grrrr virus i hate you

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Interview went well, I think. What do they think? I'll know by end of next week :
job interview today @ 3 :D
back to firefox- ie sux
jacobtk.tk is now jacobtk.com -still under construction-

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Monday, January 17, 2011

theres a jimboys right across the street from the new spot, that's exciting
fna i hate yahoo
bye bye firefox, hello IE- hope this cures my cookie issues
''Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.'' -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i <3 pickles esp w/ mustard
I REALLY regret these unhideable tattoos. IDIOT!!
nothing like getting a big fat zit the day before something important.
ars my Drivers License weight in accurate again!! lol
i haven't exercised in three weeks- been too stressed out & inadequate nutrition- also WAS selling elliptical. I miss it but im still losing weight. after 12 ye
Using 'my diet analysis' software, I avg 580 calories a day, about 4000 a week.
Wow! i drink about 7x too much water each day & @ least 1200 calories too little. learning lots in this Nutrition class.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

mmm tacos sound GREAT right now!
20+ emails to & fro, pre-interview questionarre, phone interview over the past 3 months- now live interview monday- wish me luck!
I miss you family!
Im actually happy to live in sacramento again. I miss the culture. Plus we'll save AT LEAST $300 a month living there again.
Baby steps.. Got lotsa rebuilding to do, very overwhelming!
i have a tendency to do things the hard way
ping.fm test
myspace sync test 2
myspace sync test
My dreams have been haunted with unresolved past issues lately- makes sleep suck

Friday, January 14, 2011

t regret this!
No offense to anyone who's helped me or giving to me- but I have never been so appreciative or thankful than tnis opportunity from jason. Bless you. You will no
"Experimentation requires observation and control of the variables.... But by definition we have no control over supernatural entities or forces."
"If we could apply natural knowledge to understand supernatural powers, then, by definition, they would not be supernatural".
YES!!!!!! So- moving outta this BS house- nice job interview monday- things could get way better real soon :)
YES!!!!!! We got the place!!
an hour & a half til our homelessness destiny is confirmed or denied
sons mom wants to yank him outta kindergarten cuz there's 'too many damn mexicans' wth
text-->blog-->webpage-->twitter-->facebook MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Support & advice is sometimes the best help. Thank you family. Im lucky to have you!
So effing thankful that someone is willing to take a chance on us. When nobody you know offers help- you know you are screwed.
Coffee just ain't what it used to be

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miss you mike lowry. :(
I took a shit happens
Id say I've been burned 250% more times than I've burned anyone. And I've apologized to everyone but one person. Jason spaulding boring oregon
I felt like Ice-T ever since we moved here 'there goes the neighborhood' - body count
Fuck you Rocklin!
Kia's been watching 'the littles' on hulu for an hour now, wow! That was MY favorite when I was 6 & 7
YES!!!!!! I THINK WE GOT IT!!!!!
Praying for mr. jason to call with good news
http://jacobtk.tk antisocial networking
Im waiting for that positive phone call
She's two, fully potty trained & can count to 13. Knows colors, shapes, uses complete sentences. & shes a daddys girl. <3
Phone interview went 'they' said - setting up face to face interview now
Phone interview @ 8:30

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lelo Lelo Lelo my brother of another mother
Mmmm charlene smells so yummy
I can feel it
SO CLOSE TO GETTING A PLACE!!!! Fingers & toes crossed !!
you know. I am hopeful I will have that back today-
-Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. I am still waiting for a response from your previous landlords As soon as I get that positive information I will let
I used to smile before my tooth broke & they all turned to hell. I want to smile again, I miss it.

BETTER OFF DEAD |bad religion|


I'm sorry about the sun,
how could I know that you'd burn?,
and I'm sorry about the moon,
how could I know that you'd disapproved,
I'll never make the same mistake,
the next time I create the universe
I'll make sure we communicate at length
but until then . . . better off dead,
a smile on the lips and a hole in the head,
better off dead, yeah better than this,
better off dead, yeah better than this,
take it away cuz there's nothing to miss
I'm sorry about the world,
how could I know you'd take it so bad?,
and I'll never make the same mistake,
the next time I create the universe
I'll make sure you participate
But until then . . .
Better off dead, yeah better off dead,
why don't you try pushing daisies instead
and I'll never make the same mistake,
the next time I create the universe
I'll make sure we communicate, just in case.

2008. everything was great.

my girls.

the reasons

union pacific roseville |mobile picture|

330OMGWTFF best GV# ever
Congratulations, you have successfully passed the examination process for: Park Maintenance Aide
I've learned so many lessons lately. Please just give me a chance- I won't fail again!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So..... I'll take that as a NO on the union pacific job :(
In a perfect world everything would be solved by tonight. In my world- probably not. F M L
I can't believe how fucked up everything is in my life

mom |poem|

It's been a year today and all the progress I've made in this world as a slave
to the demands that ive created
as a body on this earth with responsibilities to maintain but things will never be the same since my soul was slain.

My creator, my mother, fell victim to a blunder on the birth day of my sister and
forever i will miss her-
personality and smile, her cooking and denial, her one of a kind style that always made me smile...
If only i did smile more than smirk- the pain and the hurt wouldnt make me go berserk!
Without a rational moment to ask for forgiveness for the past; never knowing which
instance would be last to smile; to hold onto- to never forget...
To have a final chance to open up and live free without regrets- so forever I'll remember
that i never forgave her for being herself and doing her best with the cards that she was dealt
she always told me to dig the well before it went dry- I never listened and so i cry.

Some pain and hurt can only be cured by a mothers love so what do I do to fix this?
i have nowhere to turn and nowhere to go to accept the things that i witnessed...
Living my life to make momma proud is the only way i can get my head out of the clouds
and out of all the things she tried to teach and instill in me the one thing that remains the most real to me
is to do the best of my ability and accept peoples love and love them back with tranquility so when you're missed
it'll be with the happiness of the love that you built and not the torture of regret and feelings of guilt.

I find it hard not to pity, not to feel the pain you feel in your reborn self
you were so independant and strong and i know its now a torturous hell!
If i could take your pain, your misery, your confusion, your struggle- if i could give you what you once gave me...
I would mom- infinite times and i'd never think twice about the sacrafice of my life!

If we could all go back we would change a million things but we can never change what tomorrow will bring!
Open your heart and let the love flow- life's too short to live with the sorrow of regret and neglect and
waiting for another tomorrow to finally make amends to the pain that is sure to follow...
I'm forever thankful for the support and love that helped us get through this gift from above-
we prayed a thousand tears- we cried to god- our family came together like never before
for our mother, wife, and friend that we adored and loved with every ounce of our being!
Thanking god every second for our momma not leaving- praying to god every minute to help us through this grieving...

I try everyday to turn these lemons into lemonade but its still just a pitcher of piss with sugar in it!
It's not always easy to accept what you cannot change, especially when you don't practice preventative maintaince...

I dont want to live my life forcing this reality to the back of my mind, it haunts me every single time
I realize who i am and how i can to be- the way that i think and more than half of my personality!
Momma taught me and raised me right i love you til the end and im never gonna fight
the visions and pain that made me a man that day and every single day ever since with rememberance
of what really matters the most in life; forgiveness.

Life is what what you make it until it's almost taken- if only you could recall the days before your fall!
You always told me to dig the well before it's too late so now i just dig up memories and pain...
I'm not happy you dont remember the things we need to work on to have a better relationship like i always wished we had
I understand you have new priorities now that do not consist of the things you held against yourself-
the things we loved you for that made you our momma that showed your strengths and that you never gave up!
If only you knew that, if only you could have saw yourself through our eyes, my eyes that are now filled with teary
'im sorrys' every time i think of you now and over and over again forever.

People always say that you dont know what you got until its gone but if you listen to your heart it'll tell you that is wrong!
It's not better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all-
you never know when you lost your chance to have a knowing of your love- heartfelt, eternally adored and cherished-
theres no pain worse

youll never know your last chance to dig the well...


(c)2010 JACOBTK

im on my own planet called genocide
distinct distrust of mankind with chaos inside
come find me & attempt to explore my planet
you are extraterrestrial & i dont understand it
goddammit this habit inhabiting my species
survival of the fittest & im drowning in feces
unable to release these demons beneath me
emotions depleting i lust to be greedy
in other dimensions im needy
my actions are feeding
on the pain you're seeing
confusion illusions my mind is deceiving

I dream of freedom but nightmares provoke me.
I only ever wanted the world to hold me.
alone on my planet be my ufo
extraterrestrials adore me but they always let go...

born into sin im breakin benjamin
franklin and i aint makin no bacon
pilage and rapin for the sake a the kids i been makin
my pride was never taken thats where you were mistaken
i gave it away in exchange to obey
the voices in my head provokin misery
i prefer stirred over shakin when youre makin an observation
no mercy or tears cuz my soul is on vacation
a deal with the devil it was sealed with a handshake
goddam gods plan i cuz plan my own destiny

i dream to be free but provoked by nightmares
enslaved by the stares from the man in the mirror

Ink at Inc.: Working with Tattoos


Firsthand lessons learned about tattoos in the workplace
working with tattoos

I have many tattoos. The number isn’t that large, but they take up a significant portion of the visible space on my arms and legs. I am the most tattooed person at SnagAJob.com by a good measure, and usually when people I work with have questions (or commentary) about tattooing, they come to me. After eight years of gainful employment with tattoos, these are some things I’ve learned.
1. There is no such thing as privacy

When I got my first tattoo (a quote from a little known author, Mr. Wm. Shakespeare) on my forearm, it never crossed my mind that anyone would give a crap what I had placed there. Boy, was I wrong. To add insult to injury, my tattoos are almost exclusively words. Do you know what everyone’s natural inclination is to do with words? If you thought “ignore them,” you’d be incorrect. People want to read words. It goes against every fiber of our beings to ignore the written word. I wasn’t prepared for this. I’ve been verbally accosted by religious fanatics, grabbed by strangers, had my sleeves pulled up by crazy customers and fielded twenty-one questions from co-workers. If it’s on your body and they can see it; it’s public domain.

Because I am a non-confrontational person by nature, I can’t be rude. This is especially true in the workplace where you are being paid to be friendly and professional. I have friends with visible tattoos who aren’t so nice about engaging with complete strangers. I generally believe that most people don’t mean to be rude and aren’t familiar with tattoo (or social) etiquette. I have also been asked thousands of times, so at this point I just choose to let it just roll off my back.
2. With tattoos and job interviews, timing is everything

I made a conscious decision when I started tattooing visible portions of my body that I’d never get anything that couldn’t be covered up with professional business attire (for me that means a suit). I still stand by that philosophy, as you just never know where you’re going to end up. That doesn’t change the fact that in some settings, it will be nearly impossible to cover up your tattoos.

For instance, I worked at Best Buy for many years while I was in college. Anyone who has ever been to Best Buy knows that the uniform involves a short-sleeve blue polo shirt. Since my forearms are tattooed, it would have been impossible to cover these up at work. Because of this, and in the interest of full disclosure, I inquired about their tattoo policy after I was offered the position. I find that immediately following a job offer is a good place to bring up body art and piercings. It’s before you start (saves messy paperwork for them if it’s against company policy), but you’ve already shown you’d be a good employee (saves you the frustration of being discriminated against). I’ve been careful (and lucky) about the companies I’ve worked for, and it’s never been an issue.
3. The content of your tattoos matters

This is tricky. Lots of people have an “oh crap” moment with their tattoos, where you regret the moment you ever walked into the tattoo shop and said, “Yes, I’d like a permanent reminder of the girlfriend whom I will break up with approximately two years after I get this tattoo.” At least I hope I’m not the only one who was that big of an idiot.

With that being said, your tattoos are a diary of your life, and they give everyone you meet a pretty good idea of who you are (or were). Tattoos with offensive language, gestures, illustrations and the like are no exceptions. Even if they’re done as a joke, they likely won’t be tolerated by an employer or their customers. If you feel strongly about something that could be offensive, it’s best saved for a portion of your body not revealed in, say, a tank top and shorts.
4. One final note

I’ve been fortunate to work with Amanda Hite, the CEO of Talent Revolution. She recently built up the courage to commit to a visible tattoo of her company’s (and personal) philosophy: “Be the change.” Afterwards, she fielded questions like, “What will your clients think?” and “What if you decide to go back into the corporate world?” and “How are you going to hide it?” This was Amanda’s response on her blog:

“It's not about a tattoo.

It's 2010, it's about being able to be who you are…If I'm not accepted in the workplace for a tattoo, I'm pretty certain there will be other more important parts of who I am that would not be accepted. Look, sometimes we have to work a job we don't entirely like, but in this day and age, should we still have to work in places where we can't express ourselves and be who we are? I've learned that only when you embrace your own authenticity, unapologetically, can you really explore your talents' potential. By being true to yourself you attract the kind of people in your life who share your values. Including employers and clients.

You do have a choice.”

Amanda couldn’t be more spot-on. If an employer isn’t willing to hire you because of your tattoo, that’s okay. There’s no reason to get upset about it – it’s their choice. It’s their right (and responsibility) to represent their company and brand to their customers in a way they are comfortable with. Ultimately, you don’t want to work for a company who doesn’t embrace the way you identify yourself.

When Tattoos Hurt Job Prospects


The dismal job market is especially tough on the men and women who turn to Strive, an advocacy group in East Harlem that offers job training. Many of these job-seekers have prison in their past, or gangs or other aspects of street life which can make it tough to get a job.

Strive offers something of an employment makeover: interview etiquette is taught, and do-rags and sneakers are replaced by suits and ties. One vestige of street life that is trickier to shed is the tattoo.

Whether gotten during wilder years as a badge of badness, or simply as a mere decorative design, tattoos do not go over well in the interview room, said Angel Garrido, who runs a monthlong job-readiness workshop at Strive, situated in an office building on East 123rd Street.

Mr. Garrido told his students on Tuesday that people in the program have been routinely rejected from jobs because they have tattoos in visible places on necks and faces and hands that even a fresh new white-collar shirt cannot conceal.

To many bosses, red ink on the skin means “gang colors,” he said. Tattoos in general can leave a potential employer with the impression that “I’m hiring someone who’s been in prison or who was a criminal or who is a criminal,” Mr. Garrido said, adding that on an interview, “The less you have that knocks you out of the box, the better chance you have.”
tattooFrank Rivera and his tattoo.

So Strive officials have added to the curriculum a lesson in how to cover up conspicuous tattoos with makeup. A makeup artist, Melanie Swanson, volunteered to give a tutorial in camouflaging the distracting skin art on Tuesday afternoon. She spread out an array of powders and lotions and began listening to many of the 35 people in the class stand, give their names, and testify about how their tattoos have damned them in job interviews.

One man said he was humiliated when a potential employer asked for the stories behind all 10 of his 10 tattoos. Then Shauntee Linnen, a 29-year-old woman from East Harlem, showed the tattoo on her left wrist bearing her sister’s name, Valerie, in an ornate script. She said a military recruiter recently took photographs of the tattoo, and several others, and “put them in my file.”

“I told him I got it for my sister, and I guess they thought the red ink meant I was in a gang,” she said.

Carlos Quintana, 35, of the Bronx said that he went for a job interview recently at a moving company and the boss spied the inscription on his left hand, “LV Shay,” which Mr. Quintana said meant “love Shay,” his son’s name.

“The boss was happy when he shook my hand, but then he saw the tattoo and his mood changed and he said, ‘O.K., we’ll call you,’ ” Mr. Quintana recalled. “He never did.”

Frank Rivera, a 33-year-old man from East Harlem who is looking for work, has the inscription “Frank White” — “my street name,” he explained — on the right side of his neck just above the collar line. He said it blew his chances at an interview at a video store eight months ago.

“They said, ‘What can you do to hide that, because we don’t want our customers to be scared, or see us in some kind of way, so you got to find a way to keep it covered or you can’t have the job,’ ” he recalled.

He said that tattoos were traditionally a way of marking prisoners in some countries. He said he often covered the tattoo on his right forearm. Then he called on Ms. Swanson, who spread out her makeup supplies.

“It saddens me to hear there is such stigma and prejudice around tattoos,” said Ms. Swanson, who said she had done makeup for notables ranging from Queen Latifah and Whitney Houston to Jeanine F. Pirro, the former Westchester district attorney, for television appearances. Ms. Swanson also works as a real estate agent in Manhattan, for Century 21 New York Metro.

She scanned the class for a subject and chose Dana McGlynn, 30, a Yonkers woman who said she had “maybe 15 or 20” tattoos on her body. She has a large rendering of her lucky number, 7, on her right wrist, and her unlucky number, 13, on her left wrist.

“So it balances, you know,” she explained. Ms. Swanson spent more than 15 minutes applying makeup to hide the “13” tattoo.

“Yes it is a procedure, but if it’s worth having a job, then it’s worth doing it,” Ms. Swanson told the class.

Strive, which is financed by New York State and contributions from private foundations, has been flooded in recent months with people seeking jobs, said its chief executive, Eric D. Treworgy.

“We have people with bachelor’s degrees living in homeless shelters coming to us saying, ‘I need help getting a job,’ ” he said.

Ms. Swanson helped Mr. Rivera cover his neck tattoo to match his skin tone. One student quipped that Mr. Rivera could now return for the video store job. Mr. Rivera laughed and said, ‘Yeah, I’ll say, ‘Remember I was here eight months ago?’ ” He said that recently a woman he knew pointed out a help wanted sign in a store window.

“She said, ‘You should go in and ask,’ ” he recalled. “I told her, ‘You’re looking at the little sign, but I’m looking at the big sign above it that says, ‘Going out of business, everything must go.’ ”
Face to face interview went well. I think. But who cares what I think. Im the one without a job.
ll call one person by 5:00pm to offer position.
Union Pacific hiring session is a little intense. They do a great job of screening applicants. Good for them, I like that. 15 people doewn to 9 by 10am. They wi
Bloods thicker than water. Cums thicker than blood. WTH?
1-11-11 a new start

Monday, January 10, 2011

OMFG ''catfish'' been there done that- what a waste of a buck
I can't wait til we can buy groceries again. Gogurt, swert potatoes, zuchini, bbq sauce, hot sauce, turkey burger...
Watching a movie called 'catfish'
omg come on tomorrow!
''it went well - he'll let us know by tomorrow'' PRAY FOR US PLEASE!!!!
i miss my family
i miss my family
Would you rather have a house to live in & no job OR a job without a place to live?
Round Two. Hopefully this nice man will rent to us. Please God!
Storage & Weekly here we come
k. Now we have 20 days to fiind somewhere to live.
Ok so- I contacted prospective landlords urging them to make a decision since its two days past the proposed move in date- & so they are giving us our money bac

shmocial shmedia shmites

no more social media sites for me.
itll be okay. nice places to store
pictures tho. i have close to 4000
pictures on facebook. account is
'deactivated' until i have a reason
to use it again. i got sick of people
posting their opinions and thoughts.
really, its great for family but also
a great tool to learn more about your
friends, who they really are, and what
they really think of you :D

and for now- i cant handle it. lmfao
day, can't sleep cuz my bladder is full. I am now pooping 4-6 times a day as well. No such thing as TMI
In one day I drink 3 cups of coffee, about three gallons of water, than an arnold palmer, then about a liter of water while im sleeping. I pee about 20 times a

A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E.S. Tha Next Dynasty

i love this cd.
$5 @ www.anteuprecords.com/store

I need oprah.
Lets see how much progress I can make today. January 10th 2011 FTW

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I really looking forward to eating pickles at night. Pretty good with mustard.
We can be reborn. Follow the path of rightousness, of pure good & constant honesty- with self & others- let it become you & your lifestyle. That is reborn. God
s is freedom & this is the way. Your books are guidelines, not to be taken literal. Its in you... Gods in you. Fuck jesus.
is good. Be good, be god. We don't need to personify god. We don't need religion. We need to be our best, & live in harmony amongst others who do the same. Thi
a damn bum but I am soooooo thankful for the assistance.
Thank gawd we have a reliable car, although the tags r three months expired, check engine light on, bald tis & no spare. Honda crv. Gotta love it!!!
to waste on emotions. Do SOMETHING
ING!!!! Cuz when you got no job & got no house & you're $13k in debt with 4XX credit score with two kids you're going to hate yourself & there won't be any time
r made it happen. & here I am- this is what happens when you aren't in control of your life. You lose. It crumbles into pieces. Don't watch it crumble DO SOMETH
Relying on luck is lazy. Relying on god is hopeless. Relying on yourself is the only way. I never realised this til recently- always just let life happen & neve
deable tattoos, permanent holes in my ear lobes. Live fast. Die young. Dying would be a cop out... Thirty years old & I've never even done my best yet.
My teeth are fucked up. My gums are dying. Constant chest pains. I can't wait til I get things in order. Two kids, no job, no house, bad health, ugly, fat, unhi
myself? I don't think the military would take me either.
Nobody wants to rent to a guy on unemployment. Nobody wants to employ a guy with tattoos. Awful credit- @ least three repossesions. What the hell did I do with
Beggers can't be choosers!!!!!
All I have left to sell is crap not even worth $40 jHc
Hmmm thinking about the 1956 topps mickey mantle that's packed away. I can't sell that
I am now able to eat half my food & save the rest for the day :) im losing weight faster being poor than I did with P90x
So I sold enough of my stuff to make up for that online scam. A $10 online purchase turned into a reoccurring $146 automatic debit FTW worst effing time for tha