Tuesday, January 11, 2011


(c)2010 JACOBTK

im on my own planet called genocide
distinct distrust of mankind with chaos inside
come find me & attempt to explore my planet
you are extraterrestrial & i dont understand it
goddammit this habit inhabiting my species
survival of the fittest & im drowning in feces
unable to release these demons beneath me
emotions depleting i lust to be greedy
in other dimensions im needy
my actions are feeding
on the pain you're seeing
confusion illusions my mind is deceiving

I dream of freedom but nightmares provoke me.
I only ever wanted the world to hold me.
alone on my planet be my ufo
extraterrestrials adore me but they always let go...

born into sin im breakin benjamin
franklin and i aint makin no bacon
pilage and rapin for the sake a the kids i been makin
my pride was never taken thats where you were mistaken
i gave it away in exchange to obey
the voices in my head provokin misery
i prefer stirred over shakin when youre makin an observation
no mercy or tears cuz my soul is on vacation
a deal with the devil it was sealed with a handshake
goddam gods plan i cuz plan my own destiny

i dream to be free but provoked by nightmares
enslaved by the stares from the man in the mirror

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