Saturday, June 14, 2014


dunno why exactly but today was sparked by an old familiar feeling i hate..which creates new feelings.. today I have extreme anxiety- physically.. emotionally.. i feel so down..lonely..scared? cant leave the house. its been forever ago since ive felt this way maybe a year and a half...i almost forgot and wish i had.. knowing it came back is troublesome. a reality check i guess.

sometimes i fall off the cloud..sometimes i hover in between. .when feet hit the ground tho- overwhelming feelings of all the negativity i try to hover above hits me. and then im reminded that i forgot to find somewhere to turn..somewhere to go.. i remember that i dont know how to cope. still. just waiting for the night. shining armor. dark. the end of this day. and hopefully some part of me can figure out what triggered this before i awake to relive this agony.

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