Sunday, June 1, 2014


so ya.. almost 6 months have passed since i met a human that i was drawn to instantly. . this person is the most motivated, down to earth, intelligent, witty and has inspired me in so many ways to be a better person. luckily for me she is also extremely beautiful and sexy.. affectionate, thoughtful, loving, caring, considerate. . ive never been more attracted to anyone. .ive never had so much in common.. nobody could ever read my mind.. finish my sentences. ..know what im thinking.. cater to my fantasies.. i found a human i am completely compatible with..someone that i can't get enough of.. someone i absolutely cannot resist. . someone who loves me for me.. ya. i have the best best friend ive ever had. i have the love & trust of a woman that i adore who adores me even more. i trust her with my heart & soul. i deserve that. i am the luckiest man alive. she is the exception to every rule..every promise.. and she is the future of me. let me introduce you to someone. .her name is julia but you can call her JEWELZ. the most badass chick/human ive ever known. just don't piss her off <3 \m/ <3 143

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