Sunday, June 15, 2014

never alone

welp. my disillusioned brain my fears.. shit i dont even realize sometimes. . my loneliness on this planet. . thru thick n thin ive actually learned to trust someone. someone that knows me better than myself. she keeps me in check. she loves me for me. american english earth words cannot express the sorrow i have for the pain i put her thru during my hard time.. when i needed someone but couldnt express it.. she knew..she knows.. and shes always been there and always will be. i love you. you are like a better version of myself. im blown away by you still as you grow and show and shine and as much as im honored to be a part of it all.. youll never understand how much i appreciate you being you in my life.. what i always save me from myself. youre the best friend i ever had.. the greatest lover.. no words can express how blessed i am .. youre beautiful inside and out.. ever since the first time i laid eyes on you my soul was on fire.. 6 months down the road now and we have grown soooo close.. ill never let u down. 143


  1. i know you will never let me down and i will never let u down.. i love u through thick or thin, heaven or hell.. ill still be by your side with a smile and a kiss to warm even your coldest nights. :-*