Friday, July 17, 2015

relationship with God, relationship with Yourself

you know...when something life changing occurs that you feel was out of your control...its hard to find the silver lining sometimes.. but that really just depends on your relationship with God. some of us would destroy ourselves FOREVER and never reach our potential or TRUE happiness if the universe didnt intervene and say "dammit man quit suffering, i love you and cant stand witnessing you settle for less than youre worth! thats NOT why youre here, quit wasting your life away! WAKE UP!!! im doing you a favor youll soon or one day realize" sometimes no matter how difficult a life altering event can might just be a blessing in disguise..

your relationship ends..
you get a dui..
you lose your job..

is it really that bad when it was all beneath you anyways..?? and you just didnt have the worth confidence or balls to make a change for the better on your own.... sometimes the universe will do that for you, if you deserve it..


i seriously had sex with this random white trash chick a couple times..she always gives me frozen meat, from her butcher. i went over there yesterday to get some meat and she seriously sat there digging at her toes..noticed she was rollin a ball like a toe booger... AND THEN THREW IT IN HER MOUTH AND STARTED SNACKIN ON IT ¡¡!!!WWWWTTTFFFFF¡¡¡!!!!!