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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Often my dream messages are in a universal language of an overall feeling, that's the best I can describe. Not words, not pictures..Just basically a feeling on a subject. Typically it coincides with subconscious thoughts in physical world that I may have tiny tiny tiny bit thought or felt but never even close to fully tapped into it. The dream world pulls the shit right out, processes and hands it to me on a platter when I awake. I've learned to trust this, more than I trust my own thoughts in physical world, knowing there is a power greater than me. This is something I have learned to trust and welcome, it guides me Always 'in the nick of time's if I accept. I've made instant life choices this way with no problem and always and only positive outcome..I've tried testing it but no bueno. Ultimately creates a HUGE feeling of compromise and lying to myself that I cannot accept.
So other than my intelligence, knowledge I've gained and personal experiences that I use as decision makers on this earth as an awake human, this is also my guide..Which is way more powerful than these other things, to me.
I never need to know the details, I'm curious sometimes..But really the overall feeling is what matters, not the details, because in the end the details were subjective and in the way of the path to "the end" of the beginning point where I belong.

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