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crazy to think that the book that changed my life and has helped me so much I now feel like I can actually question..just like with Dianetics back in 1999-2001. Are these tools only helpful when reclusive? No. They're useful when dealing with humans but definitely not superhumans.
1. Don't take things personal.
2. Be impeccable with your word.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.
These four agreements are amazing to live. Y especially when rejecting past agreements made with the universe... But almost on a superficial level because dealing with the superhumans, and "assuming" they're like minded.. it can definitely be taken personal when not given the chance to both be impeccable with your word or do your best while trying not to make assumptions because nothing is taken personal. Trusting instincts can be equivalent to lying to yourself when the ARC triangle (affinity, reality, communication) is not at 180° which when dealing with anyone other than just self-esteem creates a vulnerability. In that there is a trust; Trust: the willingness to be vulnerable. And when there is affinity, reality, communication (ARC) there is trust. And with that responsibility both give and take, it only makes sense to question the four agreements as far as taking things personal when dynamics change because isn't that safer than making an assumption about another? That would be creating 'personal' and here I am impeccable as always being the best version of myself using the tools that have helped the most.. taking things personal while doing my best and trying to trust my bogart instincts while I self destruct wondering how I got here. Superhuman.

I know God understands.

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Bet no one can make fried chicken like my momma did and I know I'll never have it again
Same with her egg sandwiches.
Love makes a difference, main ingredient.

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