Sunday, February 25, 2018


you don't know how fucked up you really are until you think about what would REALLY make you happy

Score a dope "Geo Sledd" today

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Over the years, over the beers, the tears; got over the fears I have learned how to make and maintain some of the best friendships ever imaginable and so many. So much love. Everywhere. 

Analogy of a butterfly | Anas Ebrahem | Pulse | LinkedIn

Analogy of a butterfly | Anas Ebrahem | Pulse | LinkedIn

Consider the analogy of a butterfly inside its cocoon. When you see the butterfly struggling, you are tempted to peel the cocoon off to free the butterfly so that it can fly away.
But what happens to a butterfly when it does not have the necessary struggle to free itself from its cocoon? Its wings are weak. The butterfly soon dies. The struggle makes the butterfly strong.
Think of yourself as a butterfly, locked in your cocoon. Your struggle gives you strength. Without the struggle, you will not be strong enough for the next phase of your life.
At times you may want someone else to resolve your issues for you, wishing for less on your plate. But, like the butterfly, if someone solves these issues for you, you will not grow strong enough to move into the next phase of your life.
The Earth plane is equivalent to the butterfly’s cocoon. This reality is designed to pull you down so that you have to struggle to get out of it. This struggle teaches you about who and what you are; what you can and cannot do.
The struggle is what pushes you further into your depths than you ever thought possible. The struggle forces you to examine your darkness when you finally realize that the light does not contain all of your answers.
The struggle is your path to freedom, whether you consciously recognize it or not.
The “dark forces” are only a magnification of a part of your own totality that you choose to ignore. When you deal with the darkest parts of Self, then the outer magnification is no longer necessary, fading away.
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Friday, February 16, 2018

What if life is a dream and death wakes us up

What if we were wrong this whole time

What if life in physical world along with life in the dream& spiritual world and death is the end of time to reach ___________

True happiness?


Our meaning, our reason for existing..?

And then what?

What's the "prize" and what's the opposite?

This sums it all up for me. 

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wind Hole

Kelley Valentine

Last year Kelley was my first Valentine. Then she died. She was cool but her husband (who I think killed her cuz he was pissed about me and her while he was in jail for beating her up) was kind of a psycho

V Day

Just realized after almost 38 years that Valentine's Day is typically right after I get my tax refund..and if I ever had a GF, I GUARANTEE she'd have 20's on her Ford Focus

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#nofilter ????? 😂 Lightn up a bit.

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At this point in life almost 38 I've ALMOST come to the conclusion I'm a retard. I'm slow. I'm easily taken advantage of because I'm too kind trusting loyal. This combo makes me a sucker and easily taken advantage of but I feel pity and care while being loyal always trying to make even these people happy. I can't not be nice and loving and trusting while never giving up. I feel horrible when I have to tell (nicely ask) someone to leave my life. So I feel like this has become a handicap to my happiness. Ya, there's other good people out there and someday..... the meantime I get either walked all over naively or I'm alone. Questioning myself when in my heart I know I'm a 100% good person. I guess I'd rather be 100% good to myself, ultimately.