Friday, August 31, 2018


My cat musta sensed my feelings which I didn't, he cuddled and loved me all night.. I woke up from my sleep with extreme anxiety after an awful dream.
I was with my son, in some wierd place like under a freeway overpass, just me and him.. sorta getting things off our chest.. my feelings of frustration missing him and his mom keeping him from me and me assuming his mom's told him I don't try to contact him or don't care..and this strong resentment toward me as I try to explain everything.. and he has my car keys in his hand..and I'm like "come on let's go" and I reach out for the keys he comes toward me then gets an evil scary look and as we get close he stabs me in the forehead with the key with all his might anger pain suffering

And I woke up.

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