Monday, August 6, 2018


do you seek the truth...
or the truth the rationalizes and works for where you decide to stopped growing?

do we spend our life searching and researching and educating and gaining wisdom...while growing old..alone..? Meanwhile ruling out all due to  imperfections while forgetting (honestly) your own?

At what point do people "shut off" the searching.. or did they ever.. and then does it happen?

Like minded people are rare too rare actually and I become disassociated with society.. especially like minded opposite sex (no offense 2018) or are we supposed to coexist with someone based on simple attraction...our animal instinct..what ultimately matters most...??

Psssshhh we don't even know why we're here..our own intelligence creates and make believes things we told ourselves already, we thought it into existence. Our animal instincts tho... Regardless of the mind or third eye... It's all about sex food sleep and being part of a like minded community..our family.. our species..

Over intelligent animals we are. Otherwise I can fill so many voids by allowing one of many females into my life..and I don't because?? My animal instincts could be fulfilled easily.. but how do you shut off the mind and/or third eye to be an animal? And why does it feel like a curse "sometimes"??

Why does my self proclaimed ability to seek True Happiness for myself and others ultimately become my worst enemy?

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