Monday, February 25, 2019 a new concept

2019 Father Daughter Dance

I count my blessings

I count my blessings more than most people I know...I always feel blessed and grateful to the point where I'm rarely effected negatively to "complain"
It's become a tough dynamic for me, being so easy going, not wanting to create hardship onto others.
It's a thin line between self respect, self care, and well being sometimes...but I almost always choose others over myself because I have truth that I'll always be okay ❤️

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Father Daughter

Father Daughter Dance was tonight. This was a very special night for me in the sense that it was a huge confirmation that I have been raising and teaching Macayla correctly. Cayla and I were talking, joking.. laughing..and behind us sitting on the floor against the wall was a little girl, maybe 4/5 years old crying her eyes out. Both me and Caylas hesrt broke. And I said "Maybe you should go talk to her" and Cayla sat down next to her with so much compassion, and ended up helping her up and they walked off...with Caylas arm around her guiding and protecting her. Cayla came back about 5 minutes later alone and sat back down. She told me the girl thought she lost her parents but Cayla helped her find her older sister. Then we talked about helping people, and that's what we're here we can't help the urge to do so heartfully which overpowers any personal gratitude. "That is why we are here. To help others"

I cried out of proudness. Macayla is amazing. Fucking amazing.

Sunday, February 10, 2019



Working on this new site

Unlocked this level

I received a few spiritual gifts recently as a reward for stepping out of my comfort zone in a few ways thus unlocking that plateaued level of life and allowing me to grow. Thank you God/Self for the strength. I already knew that this occurs but it only happens when you for you not for reward and the rewards will be plenty while staying true. Now to apply what I've learned from the past level-ups.. don't waste what you manifest it's a rude gesture and will end up down a level.